Global Map

What is “Global Map”?

Global Map is a set of basic geospatial information at the scale of 1:1 million, which was developed and verified by National Geospatial Information Authorities (NGIAs) in the world so that it is considered as “authoritative data.”
Global Mapping Project is a collaborative international project of developing Global Map for sustainable development, environmental protection and disaster mitigation.
The International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) was established to implement the Project. The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) served as the Secretariat of ISCGM for the whole duration of the Committee from February 1996 to March 2017, and supported the Project activities.
Recognizing that the objective of Global Mapping Project was mostly achieved by the collective efforts of ISCGM and the participating NGIAs, the 23rd ISCGM meeting held in August, 2016 adopted the resolution of dissolving ISCGM and transferring the Global Map data to the Geospatial Information Section of the United Nations. Thus, Global Mapping Project came to end.

Access to Global Map data and relevant information

Global Map data and relevant information, which had been published on ISCGM website, are available on “Global Map Data Archive (external link)”.

Global Map Japan” and “Global Map Global version” are available on this website (GSI).