GSI Web Site

Various data and information on GSI are available at the Japanese GSI website: . This website includes pages on our activities, latest topics, press release, public announcements, public comments, procurement, recruit, Survey Act, technical guidance, registered surveyor, disaster measures, R&D etc.
Geographic information is also open to the public as below:
  • Control point data (triangulation points, benchmarks)
  • Data of GNSS-based control stations and crustal movement
  • Data on geoids, gravity and geomagnetism
  • Topographic maps of 1:25,000 of the whole country
  • Aerial photos (from year 1946 to now)
  • Framework data
  • Thematic maps
  • Basic geographic data of Japan (area by municipality, lakes and marshes, mountain heights, etc.)
  • Japanese Clearinghouse Gateway
  • GSI Maps *
  *more than one thousand sites use this system.
English website provides just some of them and special contents for English.

Examples of Japanese website