Last Updated : March 8, 2024

Link and Copyright

1. Link to this website

You are allowed to place a link to this website freely. However, this permission is not applicable to information containing a notice of restriction on link.
You are allowed to link this website without notifying us. However when you make such a link, you shall indicate clearly that it is the link to Geospatial Information Authority of Japan’s website.

Displaying the contents of the websites in frames may be regarded as duplication of information on this website. In some cases, you need the procedures based on the Survey Act (Law No. 86 of July 26, 2005). Please refer to the following information.

(1) Regarding duplication of maps and aerial photographs
(2) Regarding copy of other information posted on this website
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    Please understand that proposal for mutual link is not always permitted.

2. Terms of Use

When using the information (images, charts, texts and others) available on this website, please follow Geospatial Information Authority of Japan Website Terms of Use. These kind of information except for the survey results specified in the Survey Act may be used without application to Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
  • For duplication and use of survey results, please refer to the following URL (in Japanese.) When using information obtained from this website from January 25, 2016 onward, revised Terms of Use (version 2) is applied.

3. Disclaimer

Although we take all possible care to ensure the correctness of published information, no responsibility can be accepted for any actions carried out by users using information on this website.