The Gazetteer of Japan is prepared by the Government of Japan, based on the resolution of the United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names.

The Gazetteer is a comprehensive compilation of standardized geographical names of features in Japan including municipalities, residential areas, natural features and undersea features.

It records roughly 3,900 geographical names including 6 items: Grid Square Code, Japanese spellings (Kanji and Hiragana), Romanized spellings, geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) and classification.

(Official English appellation of ”Geographical Survey Institute” in the preface was changed to ”Geospatial Information Authority of Japan” on 1 April 2010.)

Update information regarding geographical names

The list of geographical names which were modified, added and deleted mainly by municipality mergers since August 2007.

(Note) Above update information will be planned to included in next revised edition of GAZETTEER OF JAPAN.