Establishment of Permanent GPS Observation Network and Crustal

Takeshi SAGIYA, Aiichiro YOSHIMURA, Etsuro IWATA, Kaoru ABE, Isao KIMURA, Kazuhiko UEMURA and Takashi TADA


1. Introduction
2. Details of COSMOS-G2
  2.1 Network
  2.2 Observation Station
    2.2.1 Station Pillar
    2.2.2 Rooftop Stand
    2.2.3 GPS Receiver
    2.2.4 Modem and Data transfer
  2.3 Central Control System
    2.3.1 Remote Monitoring and Control
    2.3.2 Data File Management
    2.3.3 Weighted Ambiguity Vector Estimator(WAVE)
    2.3.4 Processed Result Display
3. Utilization of COSMOS-G2
  3.1 Observaton Strategy
  3.2 Problems in Practical Use
4. Expectation for COSMOS-G2
  4.1 Precise Monitoring of Crastal Deformation in Wide Area
  4.2 Earthquake Prediction
  4.3 Combination with Nation-wide Network
  4.4 Deformation of Complex Plate Boundary Regin
5. Conclusion