Bulletin of the GSI (Vol.54)

  • 50 Years of Antarctic Research Expeditions by the Geographical Survey Institute
    • Planning Department, Geodetic Department, and Topographic Department

  • Efficient Maintenance of the Japanese Geodetic Datum 2000 Using Crustal Deformation Models -PatchJGD & Semi-Dynamic Datum
    • Yoshiyuki TANAKA, Hiroaki SAITA, Jun SUGAWARA, Kazumi IWATA, Tomoo TOYODA, Hideaki HIRAI, Tamotsu KAWAGUCHI, Shigeru MATSUZAKA, Yuki HATANAKA, Mikio TOBITA, Yuki KUROISHI and Tetsuro IMAKIIRE

  • Continuous Caldera Changes in Miyakejima Volcano after 2001
    • Hiroyuki HASEGAWA, Hiroshi P. SATO and Junko IWAHASHI

  • Expected Seasonal Excitations of Earth Rotation by Unmodeled Geophysical Fluids

  • Geometric Characteristics of the Early Products of ALOS PRISM
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