Realization of data sharing as an approach to disaster with the Digital Japan Web System

Hidenori FUJIMURA and Hiroyuki OHNO


The Digital Japan Web System is a web mapping system which realizes the concept of Digital Japan: "Anyone can make a map of any location at any period at any time using anyone's data." Digital Japan requires a set of framework geographic information which is freely and rapidly available with high cartographic quality, and a simple way to provide any type of thematic geographic information. Digital Japan Web System has been implemented to meet such requirements and is available for general use. More than 200 applications of the Digital Japan Web System have recently emerged.
      In Japan, where there are a lot of natural disasters, rapid and precise responses to disasters are needed. Systems to meet such needs are implemented with the Digital Japan Web System.



1. Introduction
2. Architecture of Digital Japan Web System
  2.1 Requirements for Mapping Client Distribution
  2.2 Requirements for Framework Data Distribution
  2.3 Requirements for Thematic Data Distribution
  2.4 Requirements for Service Platform
  2.5 Requirements for Mapping Client
3. Implementation
  3.1 Implementation of Mapping Client Distribution
  3.2 Implementation of Framework Data Distribution
  3.3 Implementation of Thematic Data Distribution
  3.4 Implementation of Service Platform
  3.5 Implementation of Mapping Client
4. Services using Digital Japan Web System
5. Services for disaster management
  5.1 Early direct link to disaster locations
  5.2 Information Aggregation Map for the Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquakes
  5.3 Inclusion of various devices to the service platform
6. Conclusion