Vol.50-2-3 CONTENTS

The New Geodetic Reference System of Japan-Its adoption and application to our products-

Geographical Survey Institute
1. Introduction
2. Amendment of the Survey Act
  2.1 Background of the amendment
  2.2 Outline of the amendment
3. JGD2000 and National Control Points
  3.1 Redevelopment of the Geodetic Network and the new Japanese Geodetic Datum
  3.2 The new geoid model of Japan: GSIGEO2000
  3.3 Release of benchmark data
4. JGD2000 and Maps of the Geographical Survey Institute
  4.1 Revisions in the topographic maps of 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and regional maps of 1:200,000
    4.1.1 Expression of longitudes and latitudes
    4.1.2 Preparation of comparison chart of coordinate values
  4.2 Revisions in the digital maps
5. Amendment of the Survey Act and Public Surveys
  5.1 Definition of Public Surveys
  5.2 Gradual transfer to JGD2000 in Public Survey Works
    5.2.1 Preparation of a Manual
    5.2.1 Publicity of the new system
6. Concluding remark