Vol.50-2-2 CONTENTS

Technical Cooperation in Surveying, Mapping and Charting by Japan

Geographical Survey InstituteHydrographic and Oceanographic DepartmentGeological Survey of Japan/ National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyMinistry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportJapan International Cooperation Agency
1. Training
  1.1 Training Courses in Surveying and Mapping
    (1) Group Training Course in Surveying and Mapping (JICA)
    (2) Group Training Course in Global Mapping (JICA)
    (3) Group Training Course in Planning and Management of National Mapping andSurveying (JICA)
    (4) Individual Training
  1.2. Training Courses in Hydrography and Oceanography
    (1) Group Training Courses in Hydrographic Survey
    (2) Group Training Course in Oceanography and Data Processing
    (3) Individual Training
  1.3. Training Courses in Geosciences
2. Dispatching of Technical Experts
  2.1 Experts in Surveying and Mapping
  2.2 Experts in Hydrography and Oceanography
  2.3 Experts in Geosciences
3. Cooperative Projects
  3.1 Mapping Projects
  3.2 Hydrographic Projects
  3.3 Geoscientific Research Projects