Summary of Global Mapping Forum 2003 in Okinawa and its Outcomes

Global Mapping Forum 2003 in Okinawa was held on July 12-15, 2003 at Ginowan City, in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. This forum was attended by over 200 participants from 41 countries and 7 international organizations. The technical program of the Forum included 30 presentations and 2 panel discussions with vigorous discussion about Global Mapping. A major outcome of this Forum was the unanimous adaptation of the Okinawa Declaration on Global Map. In the words of the Declaration, "By having complete Global Map coverage by 2007 we will provide a spatial framework to facilitate the actions of the countries of the world both individually and collectively to conserve our fragile environment and make the development of our societies more viable and sustainable for future generations."


1. Brief History of Global Map and Global Mapping Forum
2. Global Mapping Forum 2003 in Okinawa
  2.1 The Purpose of the Forum
  2.2 Opening Session - Greetings, Keynote Speech and Special Lecture
  2.3 Lectures, Panel Discussion and General Presentations
  2.4 Closing Session - The Okinawa Declaration - and Technical Tour
3. Outcomes of Global Mapping Forum 2003