Publicity Activities of Global Mapping at Johannesburg Summit and Outcomes of the Summit

Hiroshi MASAHARU and Minoru AKIYAMA


The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD; Johannesburg Summit) was a very important opportunity to show a worldwide audience on the significance of the Global Mapping Project in the context of sustainable development, in order to further encourage the use and the development of Global Map. It was also necessary that Global Mapping should properly be written in the documents adopted at the Summit. To this end, the International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) actively participated in the Summit from the stage of preparatory processes of the conference. These publicity activities brought the result that the words "global mapping" are written in the Implementation Plan of WSSD. This paper describes the history of the activities at the summit including its preparatory committee meetings and gives an outlook of Global Mapping project based on the results of the Summit.


1. Introduction
2. Global Mapping and United Nations Activities to Tackle Global Environment Problems
3. Activities at the Summit Preparatory Meetings
4. Activities at the Johannesburg Summit
  4.1 Overview of the Summit
  4.2 Activities related to Global Mapping at the Summit
    4.2.1 Exhibition
    4.2.2 The symposium (Photo 6)
    4.2.3 The partnership briefing
    4.2.4 Bi-lateral meetings
4.3 Results of the Summit
    4.3.1 Description of Global Mapping in the text of Implementation Plan of WSSD
    4.3.2 Registration of Global Mapping as a Type 2 partnership initiative
    4.3.3 The Koizumi Initiative
5. Conclusion