The Development of the New Management System "NTIS" for Topographic Map Information

Hiroyuki OHNO, Yoshiyuki MIZUTA, Kiyoaki NAKAMINAMI and Takeshi ISHII


The New Topographic map Information System (NTIS) is a new maintenance system for geographical Information which includes a 1/25,000 scale topographic map and various information for GIS use, and it will be used for revising topographic map information in FY2002. NTIS accepts the Client/Server system model. A database server for geographic information (the NTIS database) is set as the core of the maintenance system, and Client PCs access and revise the geographic information managed by the NTIS database. NTIS can realize some requirements that have been put forward as suggestions by our seniors, and can produce not only a topographic map sheet automatically in accordance with the current specifications for topographic maps, but auso a freestyle-map that enables every user to produce a map at will.


1. Introduction
2. Concepts
3. Design of data model
4. System design
5. Feature of data design
6. Revision client software
7. Conclusion