First Precise Results of VLBI Observation of the Baseline in Antarctic Plate

Yoshihiro FUKUZAKI


In the Antarctic region some stations have conducted geodetic observation using space geodetic techniques. At the Syowa Station, regular Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observation has been undertaken since 1998. In this session different recording systems were employed. Development of Copy system enabled us to process the data. Meanwhile, since 1992, the O'Higgins Station has been leading an international network involving most of the VLBI stations in the Southern Hemisphere. The Syowa Station has been taking part in this network since 1999 by developing another Copy system, and good results have been obtained. This is the first VLBI observation of the intra-Antarctic plate baseline.


1. Introduction
2. Plate Motion and Space Geodetic Technique
3. Geodetic Observation at the Antarctica
4. VLBI Observation at the Syowa Station and Data Format Converter
5. Data Analysis
6. Baseline in the Antarctic Plate
7. Summary