Toward the Next Stage of the Global Mapping Project- Successful Completion of Phase 1 with Release of Global Map Version 1.0 -

Hiroshi UNE


The Global Mapping Project has successfully completed its first phase cerebrated with the great number of participating countries and the release of Global Map Version 1.0 in November 2000.
       In November 2000, "Global Mapping Forum 2000" was held in Hiroshima, Japan. The highlight of the Forum was a declaration of the release of the Global Map Version 1.0. As of the end of 2000, Global Map Version 1.0 for six countries was available for non-commercial users via the Internet. In addition, the data for more than ten other countries that are nearly completing the production of their Global Map will become available soon.
       Not only within a global environmental context, the Global Map has also recently been attracting attention as a realistic framework dataset of various global geospatial initiatives such as the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure, Digital Earth Project and UN Geographic Information Working Group.
       In May 2001, the Eighth Meeting of International Steering Committee for Global Mapping will be held in Cartagena, Colombia. One of the most important issues to be discussed at the meeting will be the target, strategy and action plans for the second phase of the Global Mapping Project.


2. Brief History of the Global Mapping Project
  2.1. Getting International Consensus
  2.2. Principle of the Global Map
    (1) Global coverage
    (2) Consistent specifications
    (3) Easy accessibility
  2.3. Global Map Specifications
    (1) Data Format
    (2) Geodetic Datum and Ellipsoid
    (3) Tiling
  2.4. Development of the Global Map
3. Global Mapping Forum 2000 and Release of Global Map version 1.0
4. Global Map as the Framework of Global Initiatives
5. Future Plan