Environmental Monitoring of Japan

The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) introduces the current condition of Japan using satellite remote sensing data.

Environmental Monitoring by Landsat 8

GSI monitors the land environment through Landsat 8 satellite.  
Landsat8 Pan-sharpened imagery
2013-12-24 2014-11-25 2015-12-14 2017-05-09
pan-sharpen imagery of Nishinoshima 2013-12-24  pan-sharpen imagery of Nishinoshima 2014-11-25  pan-sharpen imagery of Nishinoshima 2015-12-14  pan-sharpen imagery of Nishinoshima 2017-05-09 

Environmental Monitoring by NOAA and MODIS

Based on the data of meteorological observation satellite NOAA of the United States, we are producing Normalized DifferenceVegetation Index(NDVI), which makes us understand the status of the greenness of Japan since April, 1997 to December, 2007. NOAA satellite data of the space resolution 1km(vegetation index data) shows the amount and energies of the plant.

Moreover, NDVI of the space resolution 250m is made and has been being offered from the data since April, 2004 that the MODIS sensor of Advanced Earth Observing Satellite Terra of the United States observed since March, 2007. Besides this, a large-scale natural damage and the environmental transformation are understood by using data and other satellite data of the MODIS sensor of Advanced Earth Observing Satellite Aqua

 Download for 1km NDVI-data [ From 1997 to 2007 ]
 Download for 250m NDVI Data [after 2004]
2012's 250m NDVI image
A display example of 2012's 250m NDVI image


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